Hi, soy Lucrecia! I love quotes, dogs, music and fashion... Welcome to my world. It's girly, twirly and lots of fun. Don't forget to keep scrolling to embroider your furry friend or create your custom design!

Give your inner-self a voice

Lucrecia is an independent woman-owned brand creating original and empowering embroidery designs with you in mind. We can embroider anything you can imagine. Send us your ideas and we'll make your dreams come true. Que hoy te pase de todo y que todo sea bonito. Thanks for stopping by, it means the world!

- Lucrecia

And so should you...

We use materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. This reduces de CO2 emissions, conserves non renewable resources, diverts waste from landfills and improves the environment for both wildlife and cotton farmers.